Cape Town’s First Argentine Tango Marathon

Come dance with us!

Three days of continuous, summer Tango dancing around one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Combine a tour of this fascinating place with your love of Tango! Cape Town  has some of the world’s most gorgeous and cinematic natural scenery, and offers rich and diverse cultural experiences catering to everyone’s tastes.

Registration for the first Cape Town Tango marathon is now closed!

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This is the complete schedule for the Cape Town Tango Marathon

Thursday, Dec. 7, (at Studio El Huracán)
7pm-11pm – Informal Welcoming Milonga (DJs Doris Bartha & Andrea Wildt)

Friday, Dec. 8, (at the German Club)
1pm – 2pm – Yoga for Tango Session: Gentle Stretches, Centering & Subtle Awareness
2pm – 6pm – Milonga 1 (DJs Andrea Wildt & Wikus Engelbrecht)
9pm – 2am – Milonga 2 (DJs Sylvia Westcott & Chantal Forgues)


Saturday, Dec. 9 (at the German Club)
2pm – 3pm – Free Premilonga Lesson with Sidney Grant
3pm – 7pm – Milonga 3 (DJs Wikus Engelbrecht & Doris Bartha)
10pm – 3am – Milonga 4 (DJs Sylvia Westcott & Sidney Grant) with live music by Alberto & Silvia Otero


Sunday, Dec. 10, (at the German Club)
1pm – 2pm – Yoga for Tango Session: Tired Yet? Yoga Self-Care for Energy & Healing
2pm – 6pm – Milonga 5 (DJs Andrea Wildt & Sidney Grant)
8pm – 1am – Milonga 6 (DJs Wikus Engelbrecht & Chantal Forgues) with live music by the Cape Town Tango Ensemble

Tuesday, Dec. 12: Marathon Survivors’ Milonga/Zombielonga at the 6 Spin Street Restaurant, 8pm-11pm. R50 entry.

Wed 13 and Thurs 14 Dec.: There will be a series of four evening Tango workshops with New York City-based dancer and instructor, Sidney Grant (not included in marathon registration).

All Cape Town Tango events are listed on the public calendar.

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If you have any questions or requests concerning the Cape Town Tango Marathon, please feel free to reach out:

Email: wikus dot engelbrecht at gmail dot com


Phone/Whatsapp: +27 (0)64 172 0120

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Pass Costs & Other Info

Price includes entrance to all the events running on 7 – 10 December (Seven milongas in total, with international DJs and two live music acts, at special venues)

Registration Price:  R700 – (approx US$54, €46)

We highly recommend that you book flights to and accommodation in the city of Cape Town as early as possible, to ensure the lowest cost.

There will be absolutely no walk-ins allowed for this event. All participants must preregister to attend, and the organisers will make every effort to gender balance for up to 200 attendees.

Other events around this weekend will be at additional charge.

Registration for the first Cape Town Tango marathon is now closed!



Passes are not transferable nor refundable.

However in case you cannot attend due to unexpected circumstances, please let us know, and we will evaluate your case.

When attendance spots fill up to the maximum, new registrants will be placed on a waiting list on a first come, first serve basis.